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Saturday, January 11, 2020 by Christy Marsteller | Uncategorized

Camille Saint-Saens


Camille Saint-Saens was a French composer, organist, and pianist. He was considered a child prodigy on the piano - playing in his first concert at around age 10. He played and toured all over the world and is particularly beloved for his composition "The Carnival of Animals", known for its humorous approach that has won many a child's heart for classical music. You will recognize MUCH of this!

The Carnival of Animals has 14 short movements - each representing a different animal or animals (1 - Lion, 2- Hens & Roosters, 3 - Wild Donkeys, 4-Tortoises, 5-Elephant, 6 - Kangaroos, 7 - Aquarium, 8- Characters with long ears, 9 - the cuckoo in the depths of the woods, 10-aviary, 11- pianists, 12-fossils, 13-the swan, and 14-finale). Can you imagine each animal as you hear the different sections? 

TRIVIA: Can anyone identify a movie that has used the music from 7-Aquarium? Which section sounds like someone is practicing Hanon exercises or scales? What movement was the only publication of this work in Saint-Saen's lifetime (one of the MOST beautiful!)?

♫Listen here♬: Carnival of Animals