Master the art of the guitar! Together we will explore all the essentials to unleash your creativity so you can journey with confidence into any genre.  Finding the perfect instrument, guitar-care know-how, theory, chording, riffs, tabs, tunings, rhythm…they’re all here and a whole lot more. This class is full of variety and each week holds original, stimulating content to keep students engaged and excited.

Don’t just learn guitar—freerun with it.


  1. LOOG GUITAR FREERUNNERS for ages K-3rd grades; maximum 10 students: 45 minute class Fridays 5:00-5:45pm (start Jan 10, 2020) - will need  your own Loog guitar 
  2. LOOG GUITAR FREERUNNERS for ages 4th-7th grades; maximum 10 students: 45 minute class Mondays 5:00-5:45pm (start Jan 6, 2020) - will need  your own Loog guitar (a regular guitar is also an option - talk to us if you have questions)

(If you are interested in a guitar class but don't see one you want, please click on our "include me" tab and let us know. We will keep you in the loop about classes we are offering. AND we are trying to provide options where there is need/interest!)   


CLASS TERM: date of enrollment - June 14, 2020  (SCHEDULE CLOSELY FOLLOWS TETON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT...STUDIO CLOSED: Oct 8-12, week of Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas/New Years, Week of President's Day - Feb 18-23 and weeks of spring break - March 25-April 5). Enrolling in this class is a commitment for the entire class term.  With this schedule, each month will have 3 or 4 lessons depending on breaks schedule - except June which will hold 2 lessons.

PRICING: $125/mo in 6 monthly payments (Payment for course has been split over even monthly payments for your convenience (Jan-June). You will be responsible for the entire class amount. We operate on a paperless system. Each payment will be charged between the 20th and 25th of each month for the upcoming month's classes.)

INSTRUCTOR: Lara Montgomery

STUDENT NECESSITIES: You do not need to have a guitar for the first week of class. However, you will need one by the second or third week. This will give you some time to talk with your teacher about recommendations, etc. if you are considering the purchase of a new guitar. You will also need to bring your own binder to keep your materials together.