About Us

Christy Marsteller

Originally born and raised in Idaho Falls, ID, Christy has called Jackson, WY her home for 20 years. 15 years of private piano lessons, coupled with a love for teaching, resulted in a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education (Idaho State University) combined with a piano/music minor. Singing in school, church, and chamber choirs added to her love of music. She has taught music and private piano lessons as well as participated as lead pianist for Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir here in Jackson. She is a certified Kindermusik educator and loves to teach piano to graduates of Kindermusik (they make amazing students)! She approaches all of her lessons with a passion for music and teaching - pooling all of her music training, experience, creativity and business background in the Hole Note.  


Lara Montgomery

Lara Montgomery’s musical journey started with the harmonica at the age of 5.  At age 10, she began playing guitar, and has been playing ever since.  Her teenage years were dedicated to developing classical and fingerstyle guitar methods, as well as learning the piano, percussion instruments, and vocal skills.  Lara has been playing and singing with multiple bands, choirs and solo performances since childhood.  In 2012, she founded Hesed Resonance Music, and has sold her musical recordings and compositions around the globe.

She is very passionate about music and music education, but even more so about quality teaching.  With over 15 years of experience as both a private and classroom teacher, Lara loves communicating difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand.  In 2017 Lara became a certified Kindermusik Educator for The Hole Note, being recognized as an expert both in musical skill and child development.

When she is not teaching, Lara loves spending time with her husband and two young children, composing works for Hesed Resonance, and exploring the great outdoors of Jackson Hole.